TheraFlex RX®
topical cream quickly brings temporary relief of pain, swelling, stiffness and discomfort due to inflammation caused by arthritis, bursitis, tendontitis, bruises, sprains, and other soft tissue and sports injuries.

TheraFlex RX® is a unique - physiologically active - synergistic complex of amino acids/minerals/botanicals that can be used as primary or adjunctive pain treatment.

Originally introduced to professional institutions,
TheraFlex RX® has been used effectively in physicians offices, by physical and occupational therapists, athletic trainers, dentists, and chiropractors, to provide aid in the relief of all types of pain and inflammation and to help speed the healing process, in their patients.

Use of
TheraFlex RX® in clinical trials has shown its safety and superior effectiveness over other topical pain relievers and even some oral pain relievers. TheraFlex’s unique blend of modern nutraceutical components cannot be found in any other topical pain treatment.


Where other topical preparations create a counter irritant sensation that only masks pain, the
TheraFlex RX® nutraceutical complex acts synergistically, to effectively penetrate and deliver relief directly to the areas of pain.

TheraFlex RX® can be effectively used any time, any place, to quickly aid in the relief of pain. Finally, there is pain relief without oral medications and their side-effects, and without bulky patches. TheraFlex Relief is a real"emergency kit in a tube" for the young, the old, professional athletes and week-end athletes, working mothers and fathers...anyone with pain.

Healthcare and athletic professionals use
TheraFlex RX® for one basic reason...IT really works! All you do is "Put It Where It Hurts!"

Produced by a United States based, phytopharmaceutical company, dedicated to the research and development of natural pharmaceutical products for human and veterinary use, that are unique, safe, and surpass the effectiveness of any current OTC products.

The founder, a physician graduate of Tufts University and Harvard Medical School with post-doctoral work at MIT, translated a lot of his research into current products. Research was done in Africa on an AMA-Goldberger Fellowship, with WHO, and during his Welzmann Fellowship years at MIT. The co-founder pharmacist is a USC doctor of pharmacy graduate, practitioner, and a developer of complementary nutraceutical products. A culmination of their individual practices produced an extended list of significantly effective, topical treatments for pain and various skin disorders and comprehensive oral, herbal combinations.

These products represent a natural and technologically advanced physiological approach to topical and oral health care therapy. The products are a realization of a tireless pursuit to awaken a harmonious mixture of ancient traditional wisdom and modern technology.

Theraflex RX Pain Relief